St Martin's Theatre Seating Plan

The intimate St Martin’s Theatre seats 550 people over three levels, the stalls, dress circle and upper circle. The stalls cover rows A to O, 22 seats wide at the most. The dress circle includes rows A to F, a maximum of 26 seats wide and the upper circle rows, A to H, are 20 seats across at the widest.

The stalls offer acceptable stage views throughout and legroom is at its most generous in row G where there’s an aisle to stretch out into, ideal for taller people.

Seats in the dress circle offer great views as far as the back row, F, which can feel a bit remote, and the boxes at dress circle level are marked ‘restricted view’.

The upper circle comes with popular seats in rows E backwards with clear views at good prices. The safety rail doesn’t cause too many problems and doesn’t obscure the views unless you are particularly short and sit in row B. And the end seats in rows B to D deliver useful extra legroom.

From the foyer there are 29 steps down to the stalls, five up to the back of the sloping dress circle and more steps up to the upper circle.